Delivery Areas and Fees: Getting Them Right

Restaurant operators lose thousands each year in delivery fees charged inconsistently, or set too low to recover expenses. The new fall release of SpeedLine POS expands on the ability to set delivery zones and fees by drive time, now allowing you to refine your zones—editing them by hand on a map for accurate zones and fees that reflect the true cost of delivery.

And for multi-unit operations, it provides flexible options to import and manage zones for multiple locations.

The new release also calculates driver mileage pay based on best route in current traffic conditions—for accurate and equitable driver compensation that leaves no room for driver abuse or argument.

On top of that, you can edit delivery zones and fees in seconds, at any time and at no cost, to adjust for new development, construction, or other factors.

Meeting Customer Expectations: Automated Delivery Confirmations

emailconfirmationsThe technology on your front counter can provide multiple ways to streamline business and improve customer service. We’ve already shared some ways to use your POS in Smart Operators: Great Customer Service Starts with Your Restaurant POS, but in the fall release of SpeedLine POS, we added a new method: automated delivery confirmation emails. Read more

Controlling the Drive Factor: the Key to On-Time Delivery

Profitable delivery is the focus of today’s new SpeedLine software release.

If you struggle with late deliveries and drivers, now you can solve the delivery time dilemma with new control over the drive factor—for consistent on-time deliveries. Read more

Online + Offline: Understanding Delivery Customer Purchase Preferences ordering_image courtesy of Stuart Mile FreeDigitalPhotos.netIn a recent post on the PizzaMarketplace blog, OLO CEO Noah Glass made the comment that online ordering provides “the holy grail of customer-level data.”

He has a point. Web and mobile ordering have opened up a new level of access to customer information—for restaurant companies without delivery, it may be the first opportunity to build a comprehensive database of customer information. Read more

Restaurant Trends: Consumers Are Dining Out More. Are You Attracting Their Business?

iStock_000039370696MediumA new report from American Express revealed that consumers are spending 40% more dining out this year than they did in 2013. That’s a significant jump: if you aren’t seeing an increase in sales, your competition is.

So what are you doing to attract new business? Here are five ways to attract new guests, and keep them coming back: Read more

12 More Fridays Until Christmas: Holiday Restaurant Marketing Ideas that Work

holiday marketing_Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.netDoesn’t it seem like holiday marketing starts earlier every year? I know I started my shopping last January, but that’s because I am a sucker for a deal, and have a closet full of gifts I’ve forgotten about by Christmas time. But for most, holiday spending starts somewhere in October or November and continues until December 24th, and as a restaurant operator you have a fantastic opportunity to attract tired shoppers who want something quick and convenient for dinner. Read more

SpeedLine User of the Month: Piecasso’s Pizzeria & Lounge

885F80R6Fresh off the cover story in the August issue of PMQ magazine, SpeedLine user Piecasso’s Pizzeria & Lounge in Stowe, VT was an easy choice for user of the month. For generations, the Rovetto family has been slinging delicious pizzas, and with some recent media coverage, they’re excited at the recognition of their flare for the unique in decor, ambiance, and menu.

An interview with Eduardo Rovetto, owner, Piecasso’s Pizzeria & Lounge. Read more

5 Keys to Using Limited Time Offers to Drive Profits in Your Restaurant

Limted_Time_OfferLimited-time offers (LTOs), can drive revenue quickly, despite the short redemption window. LTOs create opportunities to promote your brand to new market segments or to build a fan-base for a new menu item. By only offering the deal for a short time, you create a sense of urgency that can boost demand and drive profits. Read more

Love Pizza? We do too! SpeedLine Installers Share Their Favorite Pizzerias

The SpeedLine installation and training team has the unique opportunity to visit pizzerias all over North America—and just one perk is the great food! From chain franchises to local mom and pop joints, they will never turn down a slice. I asked our installers to share with me some of their favorite spots to indulge, and why. The list was far too long to mention them all, but here’s a peek at five faves:  Read more

Restaurant Security: Managing Access to Avoid Internal Theft

POS ExpansionAccording to the Statistic Brain stats site, employee theft accounts for more than $50 billion in lost sales to employers in the Unites States each year, or about a 7% average of annual revenues. That’s an alarming number, and one many restaurant operators know all too well.

Statistic Brain also reports that approximately 75% of employees have stolen once, and 37.5% at least twice. Even if you trust the people working for you, those statistics mean putting the proper tools in place to protect the business is critical. Read more