From the Archives – Customer Loyalty: 7 Ways Expand Your Brand

iStock_000014853789XXsmallTo build loyalty in an age when consumers are looking online for the next place to dine out, you have to be smart about both the quality and the experience of buying your product—both in-store and online. Read more

Menu Labeling: Will you be ready for the new Dec. 1 deadline?

Menu Blog photo Feb 4The Food and Drug Administration menu-labeling regulations for chain restaurants, originally slated to take effect late last year, are now slated to take effect December 1.

In the FDA’s own words, the regulations address an epidemic:

More than two thirds of adults and about a third of children in the United States are overweight or obese. Overconsumption of calories is one of the primary risk factors for overweight and obesity. About half of consumers’ annual food dollars are spent on, and a third of total calories come from, foods prepared outside the home, including foods from restaurants and similar retail food establishments. Many people do not know, or underestimate, the calorie and nutrient content of these foods. Read more

3 Ways to Safeguard Your Delivery Service

car_steering_wheel_smlDo you deliver? In the winter, darkness and adverse weather conditions can pose additional hazards for your delivery drivers. Here are a some tips for how you can make deliveries safer and minimize the impact of accidents on your business. Read more

Make that a Meal: Combo Deal Ordering Made Easy

Upsell_prompt_soda_smlMeal deals are popular with restaurant operators and customers alike, for some good reasons:

  • They let you group high-margin items to increase profit.
  • Customer perceive them as high value, so they are attractive to bargain-seekers—even without a significant discount attached.
  • They’re convenient and easy for customers to order, so they improve customer service while increasing order size.

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From The Archive: 5 Keys to Using Limited Time Offers to Drive Profits in Your Restaurant


Feeling the post-holiday slump? From the On Point archives, 5 keys to increasing restaurant sales and profitability with LTO’s.

Limited time offers (LTOs), can drive revenue quickly, despite the short redemption window. LTOs create opportunities to promote your brand to new market segments or to build a fan-base for a new menu item. By only offering the deal for a short time, you create a sense of urgency that can boost demand and drive profits. Read more

Point of Sale 2020: What You Need to Find Out at NAPICS and Pizza Expo


Over the next eight weeks, two of the leading pizza and delivery trade shows are happening. At the National Association of Pizza and Ice Cream Show (NAPICS) this month, and at International Pizza Expo in March, you can see and sample the latest and greatest from virtually every supplier to the pizza and delivery industries.

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From The Archives: Two Keys to Online Ordering Revenue Generation

pizzaPiratesMobileWeb and mobile ordering drive revenue. What’s less clear is how.

Certainly there is a percentage of revenue you get through a website or mobile app that you might never get otherwise. With online options so readily available, some people just won’t make a phone call to order pizza anymore.

For some chains, order totals are higher online. You’ve seen statistics from the web ordering companies–from 5 to 35% increases in order size. Read more

Overhaul Food Cost with Inventory Tracking at the Point of Sale

cheeseblogIt’s that time of year—a new year and a clean start in the restaurant. This is an opportunity to take stock of what you have and what you’ll need to increase productivity, streamline operations, and lower food cost.

Used consistently, your POS system’s inventory software should help you increase restaurant profits. At Nancy’s Pizza, for example, implementing inventory software and portion controls cut food cost by 5%. Read more

Are your customers cheating on you online?

online ordering picOnline ordering is far from new. But the restaurant brands who do it best may well be eating your lunch.

It’s no secret that chains make up a huge share of the US pizza market. But between 2013 and 2014, a new dynamic came into play. Over a one-year period, larger pizza chains with online ordering increased their share of pizza orders from 47% to more than 52% of US pizza sales (NPD Group). Read more

Pizza Marketing: Extend Your Reach with Video

facebook_videoDo you use Facebook or Instagram to promote your restaurants? Video content reaches more of your customers—and it spreads faster than other types of content. Read more