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Restaurant Operations: 3 Strategies to Optimize Labor and Schedule to Targets

optimize laborIn the restaurant business, where you’re watching every dollar, the ability to trim your labor costs down to the dollar is critical. And controlling labor can be the key to a profitable week. Let’s look at at how to optimize labor, and why it’s so critical to get our labor costs under control.

We know that fixed costs such as rent and utilities are beyond our control, while labor is a cost we can control. But there are lots of moving parts to consider. Read more

Restaurant Management: Increase Delivery Efficiency with Visual Dispatch

LiveMaps visual dispatch - efficient deliveryGone are the days of effectively running a pizza delivery operation with a pad of paper and a rotary phone.

Today, your business is sharing space with Amazon and Uber. And as a result, your customers’ expectations around delivery are very different today than they were a few years ago.

To compete in this new delivery space, a Visual Dispatch system gives you an edge. This can make it easier to plan routes and pair nearby orders for efficient delivery. Read more

Safety Strategies for Pizza Delivery on Halloween—and Every Day

pizza delivery safety on halloweenOnly two and a half weeks until one of the biggest pizza delivery days of the year: Halloween is just around the corner. On any given day, pizza delivery comes with a set of challenges. As recent news stories attest, pizza delivery in some areas can be a dangerous job. While most orders are legitimate, delivery drivers travel alone to strangers’ homes, and carry cash. That can leave them vulnerable to theft or worse.

And on the spookiest day of the year, there may be extra challenges for delivery drivers.  Here are a few strategies to keep your drivers safe this Halloween. Read more

From the Archives: Restaurant Operations: 3 Ways to Go Green while Saving Green

Green-money“Going green” always seems to be in the news, but is it a viable option for your restaurant business? Many operators find it not only makes for good press and creates goodwill with environmentally-conscious customers, but it also saves them money.

Today we look at a few simple strategies for green restaurant operations—and how they can pay off: Read more

From the Archives: 3 Ways to Go Green while Saving Green

Save green“Going green” always seems to be in the news, but is it a viable option for your restaurant business? Many operators find it not only makes for good press and creates goodwill with environmentally-conscious customers, but it also saves them money. Read more

Pizza Delivery Drones: Future or Fantasy?

dronesYou’ve probably seen the videos: pizza delivery drones are out there now. But how many are actually delivering pizza for real, and how many are simply a brainchild of the company’s marketing department—a publicity stunt?

The truth is that, even for large, sophisticated companies like Amazon and Google, regular delivery by drone is likely some distance into the future.

Here are a few reasons why: Read more

Is Your Restaurant Delivery Service as Profitable as it Could Be?

deliveryLate deliveries, cold pizza, unhappy customers. One of the biggest pain points for many pizzerias today is delivery management. If you’re not using technology to manage your deliveries, your delivery service is less profitable than it could be.

Delivery management and speed of service go hand in hand. Today, we look at ways to streamline delivery operations and increase speed of service for your delivery customers, looking at three specific areas: Read more

3 Ways to Safeguard Your Delivery Service

Delivery serviceDo you deliver? In the winter, darkness and adverse weather conditions can pose additional hazards for your delivery drivers. Here are a some tips for how you can make deliveries safer and minimize the impact of accidents on your business. Read more

2015 In Review: Top 10 Restaurant Technology Posts

Do you follow On Point: The Restaurant Technology Blog? As we wrap the year, the On Point editorial team invites you to catch up on the top 10 posts of 2015. Read more

Customer of the Month: Travis Miller, Cottage Inn Pizza

TravisSince opening the first restaurant to serve pizza in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1948, Cottage Inn Pizza has grown to more than 55 Midwest locations. Famous for their pizza, Cottage Inn also serves a diverse menu of Italian and Greek dishes.

This week, we profile customer of the month Travis Miller. Miller started his Cottage Inn career as a driver in 2013, and was promoted to a management position in Corporate Accounting. The chain’s rapid growth required new systems and IT support, and facilitated a transition for Travis. Today, Travis is the Technical & Financial Operations Manager for Cottage Inn Management.

The first SpeedLine system was installed in Cottage Inn in 2008, and Cottage Inn named SpeedLine as the exclusive POS provider for corporate and new franchise locations in 2013. Read more