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Restaurant Security: EMV and PCI Fraud Safeguards

If EMV and PCI are just letters to you, you should know that these acronyms represent important security standards for your business.

Did you know that if a guest uses a counterfeit or stolen, chip-enabled payment card in your restaurant, if you are not using an EMV card reader, you are liable for any and all chargebacks? Chargebacks of this kind are on the rise. Read more

Restaurant Management: Cash Controls at the Point of Sale

What steps are you taking today to ensure lean, profitable operations in the restaurant? Managing the flow of cash through the restaurant is a critical piece of your security plan. Read more

Some Pizzerias Lagging in the Shift to Online Ordering: the View from Pizza Expo 2016

PizzaExpo_SpeedLinePOSNearly every operator we met at the 2016 International Pizza Expo was looking for ways to increase sales from web and mobile ordering, and reduce the associated costs.

Some were looking for new online ordering options; others, a more seamless user experience. Some pizzerias had already experienced a shift of more than 40 to 50% of their phone orders to web and mobile—but a surprising number of operators were just getting started online. Overall, these numbers represented a surprisingly small shift from our benchmark study results in late 2014. But with the restaurant operators who had embraced the online ordering model, the conversations at the 2016 Pizza Expo were different.

The move to online ordering has resulted in real reductions in labor costs for most restaurants, but a number of operators commented that it introduces new challenges as well. Read more

2015 In Review: Top 10 Restaurant Technology Posts

Do you follow On Point: The Restaurant Technology Blog? As we wrap the year, the On Point editorial team invites you to catch up on the top 10 posts of 2015. Read more

Restaurant Operations: Strengthen Your Passwords for Restaurant Security

passwordWe encounter passwords in almost every area of our lives. Whether for online banking, education, social media, or at work, passwords control access to much of the information we need every day.

You understand the wealth of information available in your POS system, including important financial information. So you recognize how critical your password can be in securing your restaurant data. Ask yourself—is your password strong enough? Check these 4 tips for creating and managing passwords to enhance restaurant security: Read more

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Start Accepting EMV Chip Cards

EMV cardsThe EMV migration deadline has finally arrived in the US, and questions about why businesses should accept EMV chip cards are pouring in. A lot of these questions are based on incorrect information and myths that are rampant in the industry right now.

(Debunk these myths, watch a recorded version of our recent webinar – Fact vs. Fiction: EMY Myths Debunked)

First, we want to make it clear, that migrating to EMV is not a government mandate, it is a business decision for the merchants. However, it is recommended that merchants of all sizes migrate. Read more

Better Credit Card Rates 101 for Restaurants: Understanding the Costs for Better Rates

Infographic: Total Cost of Credit Card ProcessingIntegrating credit card processing with your POS speeds service, simplifies bookkeeping, and saves time. But credit card processing fees take a bite out of your profit. 

Are you getting the best deal? Understand the key cost centers in payment processing to find out whether you could be getting better credit card rates. Read more

Video Preview: SpeedLine for EMV & NFC Payment

Earlier this week, we released a new release of the SpeedLine point of sale software for EMV.

Watch a quick preview:

Focus on Secure Payments

Every payment transaction in this new release of SpeedLine point of sale is more secure: sensitive payment card data can never be retrieved from the SpeedLine POS database by malware. The POS does not store this information for any transaction.

SpeedLine for EMV Payment

With EMV chip card processing, you avoid liability for fraudulent card-present transactions. And the new EMV PIN pads also support contactless NFC for fast and convenient tap to pay, and pay by smartphone app such as Apple Pay or Google Wallet.

Plus, SpeedLine 7.2 is the first pizza and delivery point of sale application to earn validation against the new PA-DSS 3.1 standard.

SpeedLine POS + Mercury StoreCard mobile gift/rewards/paymentMercury StoreCard

SpeedLine 7.2 also adds support for Mercury StoreCard. Drive sales with StoreCard for gift, rewards, and mobile payment. And pay no transaction fees if you use Mercury for credit card processing.

Also in this release, find more enhancements specifically requested by SpeedLine users to:

  • Caller ID
  • Employee messaging
  • Gift card payments
  • Address and delivery zone validation
  • Coupon expiration
  • Menu building
  • Kitchen monitor and make tickets
  • And more.

Watch the preview, or request a demo.

Restaurant Security: Managing Access to Avoid Internal Theft

POS ExpansionAccording to the Statistic Brain stats site, employee theft accounts for more than $50 billion in lost sales to employers in the Unites States each year, or about a 7% average of annual revenues. That’s an alarming number, and one many restaurant operators know all too well.

Statistic Brain also reports that approximately 75% of employees have stolen once, and 37.5% at least twice. Even if you trust the people working for you, those statistics mean putting the proper tools in place to protect the business is critical. Read more

Restaurant Management: A Restaurant Technology Checklist for Pizza and Delivery Operators.

Restaurant operations can be complicated, but the right tools can streamline, simplify, and drive sales and profitability.

  • Online ordering.Web and mobile ordering give your customers convenient ways to order. And easy online access lets viewers browse all your menu selections, often enhanced with images. That’s why people spend more—and order more frequently—when they have the option to order online.

Read more