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Choosing a Scalable POS System

guy_suit_thinking_resizedNew on, a guide to How to Choose a Scalable Pizza POS System. The premise is simple: “New technology doesn’t have to mean endless investment.”

We see a lot of requests for proposals from restaurant chains evaluating POS systems. The typical RFP is a book, with detailed checklists of must-have and wish-list features—because these restaurant companies want a solution that not only fits the chain’s needs today, but one that is flexible and scalable enough to continue to curb costs and increase profits for their restaurants over the next five, ten, or fifteen years.

This new guide from is about future-proofing your POS system investment: choosing a system with an eye to your future technology needs. It contains case studies from a number of SpeedLine users—both chains and independent operators.

Choosing a salable POS

Download the guide: How to Choose a Scalable Pizza POS

PizzaMarketplace describes the guide’s contents like this:

Learn how other chains and independent operators are leveraging scalable POS solutions to:

  • Plan for growth
  • Real-time management
  • Analysis and trending
  • Loss prevention
  • Protecting the POS system environment

It’s really about taking the long view. To make a smart investment in point of sale technology for the future of your business, think about what’s new in technology today. Then imagine what might affect your business tomorrow. Download the guide now.



Google Wallet: Risky Business for Restaurant Operators?

Google Wallet

I came across an old Best Buy flyer from 1996 the other day, with a cellphone ad that read: Enough Memory to Save 102 Names and Numbers! Not 101, not 103, but 102.

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Surprising Finds in Cornell Study on Restaurant Online Ordering

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Forecast for Profit – control food cost with automated forecasting and planning

Without the proper tools and resources in place, even a well-conceived business plan can fail. Savvy restaurant operators forecast not just monthly, but daily and weekly sales to plan accurately for efficient prep, appropriate staffing and profitable promotions.

Manual forecasting is more art than science: Think of it as educated guessing

Tracking costs, forecasting sales, and setting targets manually can be time consuming and inaccurate. Some restaurant operators use spreadsheets that they update regularly but without the help of specialized software, even the most experienced operators rely on their best guesses.

A point of sale system that tracks detailed sales history can increase the accuracy of your scheduling and prep planning—and help you reduce costs significantly.

In the SpeedLine POS software, Operations Planning tools build a forecast dynamically based on sales history. You can then review daily notes in the system and update the forecast to reflect your best knowledge of parties, local events, weather, or other things that may impact sales today or this week.

The finished forecast feeds sales projections into your labor and prep plans, based on forecasted sales for any daypart—even breaking it down to show you projected sales for delivery at lunchtime or dine-in at dinner.

With this type of accurate and customizable sales forecast, you are in control of what information you need when you need it. Review your forecast in detail to uncover patterns and gain a deeper understanding of your restaurant traffic and your prep and labor needs.

Let’s take a closer look.

For a better understanding of forecasting options and best practices with SpeedLine POS, download this brief, info-packed guide: Forecast for Profit.

SpeedLine user? Watch the Sales Forecasting video tutorial series on SpeedLine INSITE.


8 Ways to Drive Repeat Business with Email Marketing

Email marketing

The engine of an effective pizza POS system is the customer database. With your customers’ address contact information and detailed order history at your fingertips, you have the resources to build that most profitable line of sales: repeat business.

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