From January, 2012

Three Keys to POS Payback – Part 2: Driving Sales Volume

When people talk about what their point of sale systems do for their businesses, the conversations tend to center around speed of service, cost control, efficiency, and order accuracy. But one of the fastest routes to POS payback is to put your point of sale system to work driving sales volume. Read more

Portion control key to managing food cost

By standardizing recipes, restaurant chains protect their margins and deliver a consistent product across multiple locations. But even for an independent pizzeria, portion control is a significant factor in controlling food cost and consistently pleasing guests.

So how can you improve portion control in the restaurant? Read more

Key Cost Drivers, Part I: Restaurant POS Cost Controls for Maximum Payback

Restaurant POS cost controls

In any restaurant, the primary cost drivers are labor and food cost. It’s important to track them consistently and manage them effectively, but that can prove difficult without the right tools. Read more

Profitable pizza delivery: driving restaurant delivery performance

Delivery POS

For some 80% of pizzerias, pizza and delivery go hand-in-hand. That means one of the challenges restaurant owners face on a daily basis is overseeing drivers and deliveries. Are you getting deliveries to customers on time? If not, is the problem badly quoted ready times, kitchen inefficiency, or under-performing drivers? Read more

How are we doing? How to set up a cost-effective customer survey program for your restaurant

How to set up a cost-effective customer survey program for your restaurant

Did you know that a customer survey actually improve customer satisfaction—even if the customer never responds? A Harvard Business Review study concluded that just the act of asking customers, “How are we doing?” has a major impact on customer retention and loyalty. Read more

POS in Action: SpeedLine POS Restaurant Videos

POS in Action: SpeedLine POS Restaurant Videos

When we asked some restaurant operators to record video of SpeedLine POS at work in their restaurants, we weren’t sure quite what to expect.

We’re a technology company. And even though our business is steeped in the restaurant industry, some of our staff get far too few chances to see the product of their work AT WORK in a regular business day. Read more