From March, 2012

Under Lock and Key: Safeguarding your Restaurant POS Data with Secure Passwords

Safeguarding your Restaurant POS Data with Secure Passwords

You know how critical it is to keep your systems secure with secure passwords. But it can get frustrating to have to manage passwords for every little thing—not to mention the random characters, letters and symbols you are encouraged to use. A security breach, however, can result in significant financial losses and irreparable damage to your restaurant’s reputation. Read more

New Directions: Restaurant Technology Trends at Pizza Expo

Pizza Expo

At the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas last week, while the rest of us were busy at the booth, our intrepid development manager was on a quest: to soak in a cross-section of seminars and visit every booth on the floor.

What he found, besides more pizza samples than he could eat, were a handful of interesting technology ideas, new insights into restaurant operations best practices, and a few potential partners. Read more

Pizza Expo – Day 3: The Buzz and the Bull

Pizza Expo: Day Three

The best insights at this show? They didn’t come from other exhibitors or seminar speakers. It was the conversations with restaurant operators and executives that provided a serious education on what’s important and what’s challenging in the industry—and on what we are doing right as a technology vendor and where we need to pay attention and make adjustments.

Over the past three days, customers were kind enough to share what they love about our point of sale software, and candid enough to point out the little quirks that bug them. That is knowledge we can really use to improve and to build truly valuable new capabilities. Read more

Pizza Expo – Day 2 Round Up

Pizza Expo: Day Two

My day at the show got off to an early start this morning, when I showed up at 7:30 for a seminar that was actually scheduled for…tomorrow morning. Smooth. But the early arrival gave me the opportunity to take in another session—a preview of a new study on Dining Out Trends in pizza by Technomic director of research and consulting services Kevin Hilgar. Hilgar noted some interesting shifts in consumer interests and motivations, including some around the use of ordering technology. Read on for more on what’s driving restaurant visits and ordering habits in 2012. Read more

Pizza Expo – Day 1 Round Up

Piza Expo: Day one

Great to see so many of you out at the show today! We’ll be sharing some of the best of Pizza Expo over the next week—including some new potential partners for the SpeedLine Technology Network—but we’ll lead with the news from SpeedLine.

We had the pleasure of unveiling a new SpeedLine POS user interface today, giving our customers a sneak preview of some of what’s coming up in our summer release. So far, the response has been 100% positive…from appreciation of the design of the new order screens (“so clean”) to comments on how it will be “even easier to train new staff on this.” Read more