From April, 2012

Sally O’Neals Pizza Hotline: Pizza POS Research Payoff

Sally O’Neals Pizza Hotline: Pizza POS Research Payoff

Pat and Sally O’Neal approached POS shopping with as much care and attention to detail as they invested in every other aspect of their business. After short-listing three point of sale systems, Pat and Sally spent a full dinner rush at a restaurant running each of them. They watched staff take orders, make change, and balance tills. They talked to staff and asked a lot of questions. By doing their research, the O’Neals were able to make a confident choice in the right POS for their restaurant. Read more

Choosing a POS “For the Long Haul”: Rascal House Pizza

Most restaurant operators painstakingly research their options before they choose a POS provider. That makes it even more frustrating for those, like Mike and Niko Frangos of Rascal House Pizza, who discover too late that they’ve hooked up with the wrong partner.

After installing 11 new POS stations in their main store in downtown Cleveland, and subsequently adding another six stations in a second store, Rascal House Pizza couldn’t get the system working properly with their menu and pricing. The expense of replacing their brand new POS software hurt, but they bit the bullet: “We made a strategic decision to retrofit all our stores with SpeedLine and to make the new POS mandatory for all locations,” Mike says. Read more

8 Must-Haves in an Effective Restaurant POS

Effective Restaurant POS

Choosing a point of sale system can be challenging for any restaurant company. A POS partner can have a major impact on your business over the long term, so understanding your business needs is the first step. Your requirements may differ from your competition, but these eight POS features will influence profitability for any restaurant business. Read more

Accurate Labor Scheduling: Cutting Costs you can Measure with your Point of Sale

Accurate Labor Scheduling: Cutting Costs you can Measure with your Point of Sale

Serving customers well, and at a reasonable cost, requires the proper number and mix of employees. Scheduling too many people increases labor costs, while scheduling too few can result in poor customer service that drives away business. Not too long ago, schedulers relied on guesswork and “gut instinct,” but today’s point of sale technology can accurately predict how many staff you’ll need, resulting in measurable cost savings. Read more

POS Payback, Part III: Using your POS to further your profits

In the conclusion of our 3-part series on ways to drive ROI from your POS system, we look at some forward-thinking ways to get more from your POS by stepping outside the box and trying something new.

A quality POS system should scale with your growing business. As you gain confidence with the basics of your POS, try finding new ways to make it work harder for you. One way to do that is to look at new technology integrations. Read more