From May, 2012

Case Study: How a new POS helped a small-town pizza owner keep his doors open when others were closing around him

My Father’s Place

Times were tough for independent pizza shops in small-town America. Todd Sichelstiel and his wife, owners of My Father’s Place in Warner Robins, GA, were starting to notice they were among the last ones standing in their town. In the beginning, Todd was reluctant to buy a computer. His staff had been urging him to get a POS system, but computers just weren’t his thing. Read more

SpeedLine Case Study: Ali Baba’s Pizza Grows with SpeedLine POS

Ali Baba's Pizza

The first Ali Baba’s Pizza opened in 1986 when George Murr converted one of his restaurants into a 2-for-1 pizzeria for delivery and take-out. The concept evolved: new, bolder pizza combinations bulked up the menu. Business picked up, and operations became more and more difficult to control. Read more

Video Marketing: Restaurant Brand-Building on YouTube


If you promote your restaurants online and don’t use video, you’re missing out. More than 4 billion videos are viewed on Youtube every day—and video ranks best on Google, in your guests’ Facebook news feeds, and of course on YouTube. Restaurant companies are creating their own video content, or engaging guests with Facebook contests to tell their brand stories online. Read more

Business Smarts and Community Involvement Spell Success for Pizza Ranch

Pizza Ranch

It started with one small pizza store in a town of 1800 people in 1981. Now, more than 30 years later, Pizza Ranch operates 163 locations in nine states. The chain, and its franchisees, have made an investment in business information and management tools with SpeedLine POS. Read more

Smart Operators: How your Point of Sale can Affect your Brand, for the Better

How your Point of Sale can Affect your Brand

Every time a guest calls your restaurant, visits your website, or walks through your front door, you have a new opportunity to strengthen a customer relationship and build your brand. The only way to control your guests’ impressions of your business is to design the experience yourself. Have you thought about how your point of sale system can affect your brand? Read more

Pizza Factory: How the Right POS Made all the Difference

Pizza Factory: How the Right POS Made all the Difference

Dennis Sheil, an engineer in the construction industry, purchased a Pizza Factory franchise in 2003 with his wife, sister, and brother-in-law. All of them have careers outside of the restaurant. Because they can’t be in the restaurant every day, Dennis and his partners rely on their full-time manager to run their business. There was a POS system in the restaurant when Dennis took over, but its limitations soon became apparent. After extensive research, SpeedLine POS was their choice for the future. Read more

Restaurant Rewards: Building a Better Loyalty Program

Restaurant Rewards: Building a Better Loyalty Program

I had a call from a customer last week looking for help setting up a new loyalty program. There’s a lot to consider in building a loyalty program, but the best starting point is a good understanding of where your revenue comes from and how a rewards program can make you more. Read more