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Enterprise POS Drives Restaurant Profitability

For many years, one of the key advantages of the largest pizza and delivery chains over smaller multi-unit companies was their IT expertise. Enterprise data warehousing, central administration, and analytics helped these larger companies scale their business operations and manage rapid growth. Today, the best pizza point of sale providers are equipping chains of all sizes with enterprise reporting and management tools that help them react to market shifts and competitive situations with a new agility. Read more

How not to choose the wrong pizza POS: learn the critical point of sale requirements for pizza and delivery restaurants

Pizza POS; right the first time

Pizza POS

Pizza point of sale is different. Restaurant operators are often surprised to learn that the popular pizza POS systems that they use in other quick service and dine-in restaurants just don’t translate to their pizza and delivery concept restaurants. Operational differences—from create-your-own pizzas and complex coupons to web and mobile ordering and delivery dispatch—add a complexity that most pizza POS software systems can’t handle.

For Rascal House Pizza owners Mike and Niko Frangos, a point of sale application that didn’t align with their business concept proved a costly choice. It became obvious right away that they would need to retrofit all of their restaurant locations with brand new software systems. In Pizza Point of Sale: Right the First Time, find out more about their experience and how to avoid this all too-common mistake. Learn about the critical POS capabilities for pizza and delivery restaurants.

Cash Control: Protect Your Liquid Assets

cash control

The cash a restaurant generates daily is a valuable asset—and it’s also vulnerable. Do you have strong internal processes in place to protect cash from theft and fraud?

Secure cash control depends on your operating procedures for cash handling in your store—and how well you train staff to follow them. Read more

Coupons: Accurate Tracking for Profitable Deals


Tracking coupon performance is a science. An effective coupon strategy builds both sales and profit, so knowing what’s working (and what isn’t!) is integral to your bottom line. So how do savvy restaurant marketers decide whether to coupon, what to offer, and how to distribute coupon deals? Read more

A Slice of Art: A Pizza POS Improves the Picture at Pablo’s Pizza

The dream had come true: Customers poured in the doors, phones kept ringing, orders flew in. After a slow start, Pablo’s Pizza was coming into its own. But Paul and Kaci Knaysi felt out of control. Struggling to keep up with the business, they realized they needed help: They scrapped their pen and paper methods and installed a SpeedLine POS. “SpeedLine was a godsend,” Paul says. “It saved our business.” Read more

Easy Does It: New POS Simplifies Restaurant Operations at Patronie’s Pizza

New POS Simplifies Restaurant Operations at Patronie’s Pizza

A quick Google search will tell you that you need to visit Patronie’s Pizza in Supply, NC. You would be hard pressed to find any negative comments, and that’s something the Patrone family is proud of. Read more

10 Years and Counting: Two Guys and Pizza Place look to 10 more with SpeedLine

In 2002, a failing pizzeria was the inspiration for 20-something Cory Medd and a friend to take a leap of faith into restaurant ownership. With an ambitious business plan and a little luck, Two Guys and a Pizza Place was born. From day one, they set out with one plan: to do everything better. And they did. When the time came to install a point of sale system, Cory looked to SpeedLine to help grow his business.

On a trip to the International Pizza Expo in 2006, Cory stopped by the SpeedLine booth on the advice of award-winning pizzeria chef and columnist Diana Coutu. After numerous seminars and demos with competing systems, he knew SpeedLine was right for his business, and booked the installation of his new system only a few months later.

The value was quickly apparent: Payroll went from at least 4 hours a week to less than half an hour bi-weekly. And sales doubled within the first year.

Two Guys and Pizza Place has come a long way from its struggling roots. And the future holds new adventures. From expansion plans to a mobile food truck for events, read the whole story about Cory and Two Guys here. We look forward to what the next ten years will bring too!

Case Study: Two Guys and a Pizza Place