From August, 2012

Pizza and delivery POS: Keeping it in the family at Pizza Inn

Pizza Inn

A family recommendation sparked a restaurant makeover story for Pizza Inn franchisee Gabe Crouch. An outdated and too-easily-manipulated point of sale system was costing Gabe money.

For Gabe Crouch and his family, pizza is a way of life. Read more

Newsworthy Marketing: PR Strategies to Drive Restaurant Traffic

Newsworthy Marketing: PR Strategies to Drive Restaurant Traffic

What is more believable: an advertisement or a news story? The news story wins hands down. Positive coverage in the newspaper, on the radio, or on TV will earn your restaurant more credible attention than an ad. That’s why PR can be such a powerful and cost-effective marketing strategy.

How do you go about getting media attention? Below are some of the ways SpeedLine users in the USA and Canada have reached out to the media with newsworthy stories. Read more

Smart Operators: Protecting your Restaurant POS Data with Regular Backups

Data backups

You have insurance to protect your restaurant from theft and damage. The equipment in your restaurant—kitchen appliances, furniture, computers—is probably covered too. But what about the information stored in your point of sale system? Read more

Connected Restaurant Series: Papa Gino’s Case Study


Following the completion of SpeedLine POS rollout to 273 Papa Gino’s Pizza and D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches locations this summer, today we released an inside look at the systems integration work that went into preparing for a successful rollout—and how 8 external integrations to the restaurant POS systems drive efficiency and business intelligence at Papa Gino’s.

After 20 years with a proprietary POS system, growth plans at Papa Gino’s Pizza and D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches had IT executives looking into new technology their existing proprietary POS couldn’t handle. Although their existing information systems were tailored to their business and working well, they were approaching a dead end.

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