From September, 2012

Employee Theft: How One Operator Used His Restaurant POS to Catch a Thief

How to catch a thief

For one SpeedLine user, the tracking capabilities of a new POS system paid off quickly. Just Pizza owner Wayne Rempel used the notable activity reports from his POS system with security cameras to catch a repeat offender, and it only took a day. Read more

Pizza Today on Cutting Labor at the POS: A 10-Step System

Cutting labor costs

“If I don’t pay attention to my expenses, I just don’t make money,” comments Figaro’s Pizza franchisee and SpeedLine POS user Andy Lanz in a recent Back Office article in Pizza Today. Read more

Smart Operators: Great Customer Service Starts with Your Restaurant POS

Great customer service

The guests in your POS database are your most valuable source of ongoing revenue. Repeat business is critical. Guests become loyal fans and repeat patrons because they feel welcomed, valued, and well treated—both with the quality of the food you serve and the way you serve it.

In any economy, successful restaurant operators focus on key revenue drivers. Consistent, exemplary customer service is one of those keys. Great service takes work, but it’s essential to build a loyal fan base for your restaurant. Read more

Pizza POS Basics: Offsetting Costs with Delivery Fees

Pizza POS for delivery

Are skyrocketing food and fuel prices eating into profits? Most pizza and delivery operations charge delivery fees to offset costs. And they’re finding that most customers are willing to pay the extra charge to continue enjoying the convenience of delivery. Read more

Restaurant Point of Sale Best Practices: 7 Steps You Can Take Today to Cut Costs and Increase Profits

Cut Costs and Increase Profits

Many costs are set before your doors even open. A restaurant point of sale system is the first line of defense against overspending and wasted dollars, but busy operators often don’t make use of its controls. Successful chains know their numbers, and use the reports and controls in their POS systems to stay ahead of the competition. Read more