From February, 2013

eThor Study Guide: SMS Text Marketing for Restaurants 101

Text marketing has been a hot topic in the last year with restaurant operators. The one-stop marketing dashboard from SpeedLine partner eThor not only gives you the power to personalize deals and promotions, but to import customers from SpeedLine and push mobile orders direct to the POS. Read more

What’s driving hundreds of restaurant execs to Vegas this week?

Restaurant technology at MURTEC

What is the Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology show? This week, it’s where you’ll find more than 500 restaurant chain executives, a small group of sponsor companies, and the staff of organizers from Hospitality Technology magazine—all meeting up for three days of hands-on workshops and idea sharing, networking, and new technology demonstrations. Read more

Employee Management for the Restaurant Operator

Restaurant chains rely on technology to streamline operations. Employee management is one key area they focus on; from labor stats and scheduling to security and performance, keeping close track is just as important as managing the inventory on the shelves.

Technology is streamlining operations today in every area of the business – not only the point of sale. That’s particularly good news for owners, managers, and franchisors who struggle with the challenges of managing the people side of the business.

Whether the challenges are in scheduling and labor cost control, security and loss prevention, training, record-keeping, or payroll, technology solutions can make a real difference.

In this new guide, the focus is on managing the crucial employee side of the restaurant business. Download the free guide today.

Download the Employee Management E-book now

Why Industry Trade Shows Are Important for Your Restaurant Business

One of the best parts of participating in an industry trade show for the vendors who exhibit there (especially those without local reps) is the luxury of talking with you in person. Speaking with your vendors can be invaluable to your business as well: you’ll find out about new features and services early, build relationships, and foster stronger partnerships with the vendors who help you deliver a consistently great product to your guests. Read more

From the Archives: Pizza Point of Sale and the Guest Experience

Pizza Point of Sale and the Guest ExperienceIn another look back at a popular post, we discuss key guest experience factors in selecting a point of sale system for pizza and delivery restaurant concepts.

Most people would agree that service and food quality are the two main considerations in choosing a place to eat. As a restaurant operator, providing quality service (and of course great food!) keeps guests coming back. Read more

Systemizing Upselling: A Best Practices Guide

Orders Upsized: Upselling at the point of saleTraining staff to upsell consistently is, frankly, an uphill battle. But when it comes to selling more, restaurants have an great advantage over other businesses. Your guests typically won’t take suggestive selling as a pressure tactic. In fact, they will usually regard upselling as good service. Often they believe they’re getting a better deal for their money.

That’s why in a recent Caterer and Hotel keeper survey, 83.6% of restaurant operators agreed that teaching your staff to upsell was “highly effective” in increasing order size and profitability. Read more

SpeedLine User of the Month: Cozzola’s Pizza – Fort Collins

Cozzola’s Pizza – Fort Collins

This month, we are featuring SpeedLine user Cozzola’s Pizza in Fort Collins Colorado. Not only is their pizza unbelievable (ask anyone), but Dave Cozzola’s hands-on dedication to his restaurant is remarkable.

An interview with Dave Cozzola: Cozzola’s Pizza, Fort Collins, Colorado. Read more

Part 3 – Growth & Expansion: Driving Profits with Menu Engineering

Menu engineering

In part III of a series on positioning your restaurant for growth, we dig deeper into best practices for design. A profitable menu is one where every item comes close to contributing equally to gross profits, either through margin or sales volume.

The quality of your food choices determines whether people will refer their friends and come back again. The menu is a significant factor in shaping your brand image and setting guest expectations. A strong menu sells more product, describes your offerings in an appealing way, and reinforces your brand—all of which have an impact on profitability. Read more

5 Keys to Successfully Rolling out a New Pizza and Delivery POS System

Rolling out a New Pizza and Delivery POS System

You’ve done your research and selected a point of sale system for your business. The paperwork is done and installation booked. Now what? You’re eager to get things rolling, but time is short, and you’re unsure where to start.

A successful point of sale experience begins with a professional installation and through on-site training. Your POS vendor’s installation team should be in regular contact to answer your questions and help you prepare. Read more

5 Guest-Driven Restaurant Marketing Strategies

guy_suit_thinking_resizedYour existing customers are your bread and butter, and marketing programs that target them directly will be more effective than virtually any other marketing investment.

You are always looking for new ways to market your business and brand. But your wisest marketing investments will nearly always be those that specifically target your loyal guests. Here are five guest-driven marketing strategies you can put to work for your restaurant business: Read more