From May, 2013

8 Effective Marketing Tools That Won’t Break the Bank

8 Effective Marketing Tools That Won’t Break the Bank

Even on a shoe-string budget, restaurants need to market themselves in order to keep customers coming in the doors. With competition on every street corner, independent operators and franchisees face the same challenges in setting themselves apart in their local markets without breaking the bank. Read more

Email Reminder Marketing: 4 Tips to Build Guest Retention

Everyone sends newsletters these days and for good reason: They work. But what are you sending to ensure your guests come back? Customer retention is a never-ending challenge, but understanding how you can use your email marketing campaigns to increase their loyalty, can and will lead to an increase in your profits.

Email is a great touch point for communicating with your existing customers, so it makes a lot of sense to maximize the impact these guests can have on your bottom line. Here are 4 examples of reminder marketing tactics to increase guest retention: Read more

Promoting Facebook Posts: Does it Work?

One of the frustrations with Facebook marketing is that the kind of visibility you once could get online for free now comes with a pricetag. In the past year, it has become much more difficult to get your brand page posts to appear in your fans’ news feeds. Probably the best way to improve your chances is via Facebook Promoted Posts. But how can you make them improve your guests’ engagement? Read more

Restaurant Loyalty: 7 Tips for Building a Loyal Customer Base

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is a critical success factor for any restaurant. This has never been more apparent than in the past several years, where you have had to fight harder for a share of your guests’ limited disposable income.

Loyalty matters. Selling more to current customers is easier, and cheaper, than finding and selling to new ones. Your current customers also tend to buy more, more often. And they are more likely to recommend your restaurant to their friends and family.

So what can you do to build loyalty? Here are seven ways you can engage and reward guests: Read more

Driving Online Sales: Bundles & Deals

Restaurants with online ordering sites are reporting significant revenue gains. Restaurant operators are finding new ways to increase ticket size and order frequency online. One of the most successful methods? Bundles and deals.

When restaurant operators talk about the impact of a point of sale system on their businesses, the conversation usually centers around things like speed of service, cost control, efficiency, and order accuracy. But one of the fastest routes to POS payback is to put the point of sale system to work driving sales volume, both onsite and online. Read more

Marketing to Children – Pizza Expo Review

In a seminar at the International Pizza Expo this year, Dan Collier (Pizza Man Dan’s, Port Hueneme, CA) shared some pointers for marketing to reach parents through their kids.

Why would you consider targeting marketing to kids? According to Collier: “Kids insist—parents purchase.” As most parents out don’t need to be told, kids can have a big influence on where the family eats, so tailoring some of your marketing campaigns to children just makes sense.

Collier’s tips included technology marketing—like using Facebook (for a Halloween costume contest,or local cause marketing), setting the TV in the restaurant to a kid’s channel, or providing video games, as well as some new takes on traditional ideas, like branding coloring books by including a line drawing of your store, logo, or mascot.

Collier revealed that for his business, school lunches didn’t work well as a marketing tool. What he found worked better was offering on-site school tours, starting as young as pre-school, or holding pizza-day fundraisers, where a percentage of sales that day go to a local school.

Organizations that are kid-specific like local Boys and Girls Clubs offer an opportunity to give back to the community, as well as a way to get your name out there. Collier suggested making a list of local organizations, and getting to know teachers and group leaders.

And remember that once you get kids and their parents in the door, your restaurant should be kid-friendly. See our recent post: Battling the Fast Food Epidemic – Make Your Restaurant Kid Friendly for some ideas.