From July, 2013

Menu Engineering: Raising Restaurant Profits 15% or More

Menu Engineering: Raising Restaurant Profits 15% or More

When trying to increase restaurant sales and profitability, operators should look beyond traditional marketing techniques. The raw material for a very effective sales driver already exists within the walls of your establishment: in your menu.

The problem with most menus is that they were originally created without taking advantage of design best practices. These consequently suffer greatly from poor design choices. Read more

Restaurant Best Practices: 3 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

Pizza restaurant employee engagement

You want your team to be productive and effective—but to get there, they need to be motivated, satisfied, and most of all engaged. What is employee engagement, and how do you measure it? Your employee satisfaction survey may not be telling the whole story.

Your employees have choices. If you aren’t offering a pleasant work experience, good workers rarely have trouble finding a new job in the restaurant industry. If you are looking for the best, you need to provide the type of work environment that keeps staff engaged. Read more