From August, 2013

Restaurant Marketing: 3 Quick-Hit Tactics to Try ASAP

Restaurant marketing is a hot topic and an ongoing challenge for busy restaurant operators. There are a million and one ways to build your brand, solicit new customers, and reward loyal guests, but many of these can be a big hit to your bottom line. Read more

Restaurant Marketing: Twitter Contests That Work

Struggling with how to engage customers (and future guests) on Twitter without coming across as overtly promotional? A Twitter contest is not only a highly effective way to build buzz and increase engagement, but it also generates new followers and grows loyalty.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to embrace this social media channel. Twitter is a fantastic tool for restaurants to use to drive profits, and a contest is a great way to gain buzz for your establishment. Read more

Restaurant Management: Smarter Operations Through POS Analytics

Restaurant owners and operators today are smarter. If you’re running a restaurant business today, you know that it’s not that you’re more intelligent than the previous generation of restaurateurs. But you have an advantage they lacked: in-depth insight into your customers and business from your POS system.

A more efficient enterprise. Managing a restaurant chain profitably requires clear visibility into performance at every location, every day, in real-time. An effective enterprise reporting solution automates data transfer and key reports, and gives you the tools to manage restaurant menus and POS settings from a central office. Read more

Driving Restaurant Profits with Take-out Menus: 5 Tips for a More Profitable Menu


One of the most powerful tools in any delivery or carryout restaurant’s marketing toolbox is the menu itself. Today, we zero in on the take-out menu, and how you can use design best practices to increase sales and profit on every ticket.

Carry-out, curbside pickup, and home delivery are among the fastest growing revenue segments in the restaurant industry. If you offer delivery service today, you already know that your take-out menu is the one marketing piece that virtually every customer sees—and not only sees peripherally, but actually takes the time to study in detail. So let’s look at the design, and how your customers interact with it. Read more

Restaurant Data Cues: Understanding What’s Driving Customer Satisfaction (or Dissatisfaction)—and What to Do About It

Customer Satisfaction

The fastest route to increased revenue? It’s not attracting new customers. The fastest way to increase sales is to get current customers to order more—increase customer satisfaction.

Promotion can certainly help do that, but the most significant predictor of customer loyalty and future purchase activity is customer satisfaction. You know how to improve customer satisfaction, right? Fast, smiling, friendly service. On-time deliveries. Clean tables. Fresh, hot, tasty food. Food that your customers want to eat. Read more

Restaurant Marketing with Pinterest

Pinterest and food are a match made in heaven, but have you jumped on it as an essential part of your marketing with Pinterest plan? Pinterest is more than just a collection of recipes and DIY project photos: as a platform, it actually drives more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, and Youtube combined. Since it lends itself well to restaurants, it only makes sense that you should take the opportunity to build a community for your brand.

Pinterest is simple: it’s a virtual scrapbook (or pinboard) where people can post (“pin”) pictures of things they like: recipes, vacations, home décor, do-it-yourself products, articles, and more—with the ability to gain followers from those pins. Read more

Effective Upselling: 5 Tips That Won’t Turn Your Guests Off.

effective upselling

Suggestive selling techniques can drive significant increases in ticket size and profits, but few staff upsell naturally and consistently.

You probably already encourage your restaurant staff to upsize drinks or upsell add-ons. But the wrong approach can leave a sour taste with your guests. Read more

Pizza and Delivery Restaurants Have an Unfair Advantage

When it comes to marketing, pizza and delivery restaurants have an unfair advantage over other restaurant concepts. Seriously unfair: the kind of competitive advantage savvy companies use to eat up market share.

But unfair as it may seem to your competitors, it’s a completely legitimate by-product of your business model—a secret weapon built right into every delivery operation.

Unfortunately, too many restaurant operators fail to recognize what they have. Instead of using it to dominate their markets, they ignore it and let it gather dust. Read more

Restaurant Management: Keeping Tabs on your Loyal Customers’ Spending Habits

One way to keep customers coming back, besides your great pizza, is to show them how important they are to you and your business. In the point of sale system, restaurant operators can track guest purchases in detail, and use that information to market more efficiently.

Happy customers are loyal customers. So knowing their ordering habits and rewarding them for frequent purchases helps keep them coming back for more. A single call from a customer can reveal all sorts of details: name, phone number, mailing and email address, and order preferences. Over time, you build a complete order history for every customer, along with full contact information. Read more

Betting on Mobile Payment Services

Mobile Payment Services

The day to day operations of your business don’t often allow time to think about the long-term impact of your technology choices. Choosing the “wrong horse” in a “technology race” could have a significant impact on your bottom line—especially when it involves the services you use to collect payment from your customers.

Like betting on a horse race, there are no “sure bets” or magic techniques, but there are factors and variables that can better inform your choice. Read more