From September, 2013

From Hospitality Technology: Putting the POS in Perspective.

SpeedLine POS:  a new UI.

Earlier last month, Hospitality Technology asked a panel of restaurant executives to identify important trends and best practices, and share what they were looking for in next generation POS systems. Mobility and scalability stood out as common themes. When it comes to choosing your POS vendor, the key question is, “How can I make the best choice for the next five, ten, or more years?”

The point of sale system is the heartbeat of any restaurant operation, and one of the largest investments for the restaurant operator. According to the panel of restaurant executives, their technology focus is on long-term fit and function, with scalability, reliability and mobility the top priorities. Chains are looking to POS vendors to give them an edge in the technology race. Read more

To Catch a Thief: A Bartender’s Advice

Catching employee theft with your POS

Employee theft is far too common, and often difficult to detect. In fact, with employee theft racking up $15.5 billion per year in losses annually for owners, loss prevention should be a top priority. SpeedLine installation and training specialist Chris Clark’s hands-on experience as a bartender gave him an insider view of some of the tricks restaurant staff use to steal.

Restaurant staff can be clever—as Chris has seen firsthand. As lead bartender at a Mexican restaurant, Chris saw a lot of employees using creative methods to skim a little off the top. And without a point of sale system in place, catching them was difficult. Read more