From October, 2013

Restaurant Basics: 6 Quick Tips to Improve Customer Service

customer service

Your customers are your bread and butter, and while your food may be the initial draw, keeping them coming back takes more than the right menu. More than anything, customer service draws repeat business, and it doesn’t take a lot to impress.

Great service takes work, but it’s inexpensive—and essential to build a loyal fan base for your restaurant. Read more

5 Important Considerations in Selecting a Restaurant POS System

POS Research

Evaluating point of sale systems can be a daunting task even for the tech savvy. With many vendors and solutions to choose from, how do you find the right POS for your restaurant company?

Remember when a cash register and a loud, booming voice to the kitchen was all it took? Technology has changed many areas of the business, and the most successful restaurants are taking full advantage of point of sale systems to control costs and grow their businesses. Those restaurant operators know it takes dedicated research and asking the right questions to find the right system. Read more

Profitable Growth: Technology Tools, Tactics and Strategies for Multi-Unit Restaurant Concepts.

Busines men at suit and tie

Can you see clearly into every part of your restaurant operation? A clear view gives you insight to make time-critical decisions, identify problems, and improve results. When you run multiple units, that clarity is even more important. Do you have the visibility you need into yours?

One of the first challenges you face as a multi-unit operator is oversight. When you can’t be in every location at once, you need the tools to manage centrally and report locally. In a larger multi-unit operation, you may need to do this across multiple regions. Read more

Restaurant Management: Systemizing Future Orders

When we talk to SpeedLine users about their systems, many mention that one of their favorite tools is deferred ordering for future sales. Without proper systems, group orders for events and catering can be disorganized and confusing. Modern point of sale systems now have the ability to accept orders days or even weeks in advance—and help manage the associated prep and labor planning to deliver on those orders efficiently.

Catering drives sales. Companies, teams, schools, clubs, and churches are plum customers because of the potential for regular, high-volume orders, and a restaurant that offers the convenience of online ordering (in advance), and deferred payment options, is an attractive choice for these groups. Read more

Restaurant Gift Cards: 5 Tips for Promoting & Selling Year Round

Gift Cards

For many restaurant operators, gift cards are primarily a holiday promotion. But gift cards attract new customers—and give an additional boost in sales, with average ticket size statistically larger than the value on the card. So they are worth some thought before and after the holiday season as well.

This time of year, gift cards sell well. Your restaurant guests are fighting for parking spots, waiting in long lines, and stretching their budgets in search of the perfect gift. But what about the other months of the year? You can drive more profit by promoting gift card sales year-round. Read more

Smart Operators: 5 Restaurant Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Brand_Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.netRestaurant marketing is a science experiment. Based on your understanding of your market, your product, and what’s worked for you in the past, you build a hypothesis—and then you put it to the test, trying different campaigns and offers, different methods, and measuring the response. A certain amount of trial and error is expected. But major marketing missteps can be costly.

Here are five common restaurant marketing missteps, and how to avoid them: Read more

Restaurant Management: Planning for a Profitable Holiday Season

The holidays are right around the corner, and your customers are already planning ahead. How do you grab hold of a share of your customers’ squeezed wallets and planned celebrations during this busy season?

According to a survey by Blue Sky Local, 61% of restaurants notice a decline in sales during a seasonal holiday, and the drop can be as much as 20%. That number is staggering, and too important to ignore. Read more

A Sneak Peek at SpeedLine 7: See What’s Next in Pizza POS


Your customers are plugged in. At home and at work, they expect easy, instant online ordering on their mobile phone or web browser. In the restaurant, they have little patience for lineups or waits. They expect you to know what they like, and serve it fast. Here’s a sneak peek at SpeedLine 7; see what’s next in pizza point of sale. Read more