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Consumer Study: Dining Out Less in 2014

Consumer Study: Dining Out Less in 2014

In a semi-annual survey, the North American Restaurant Consumer Sentiment Review by AlizPartners revealed that diners are likely to dine out less in 2014 than they did in 2013—but not for the reason you may think. The economy will always play a role, but this time, diners are concerned more about their health than their wallets.

Staying on top of your customers’ wants and needs is vital to stay profitable. This recent study highlights a new trend in dining out decisions: your guests are worried about their health, and if you are interested in more of their dining dollars, it makes sense to consider this. Read more

Quick Hit Tips to Increase Restaurant Profits Now

Quick Hit Tips to Increase Restaurant Profits Now

Maintaining restaurant profits takes work, but sometimes a few simple changes around your daily operations can increase profits quickly. Read more

Smart Operators: Effectively Managing Restaurant Speed of Service

Speed of service, whether you operate a dine in restaurant or takeout and delivery concept, directly correlates to restaurant profits. Managing speed of service is critical to achieve your operational goals.

Put your point of sale system to work to keep staffing in check and improve efficiency. Read more

Under the hood—the technology behind your next POS

Inside the new POS releaseRestaurant owners will agree: it pays to invest in your future growth. Finding a point of sale partner with a track record for investing in ongoing development to keep you ahead in the technology race is one important way to do this.

A complete technology overhaul of the SpeedLine development platform this past year was that kind of investment: to help pave the way for new innovations to support our clients’ future growth plans.

A persistent complaint we hear from restaurant chains is that they have felt hamstrung by their past point of sale choices, and are looking for a scalable, open architecture alternative. Read more

The 10 Commandments for Driving Restaurant Profits Using Technology

pepperoniYou have a lot on your plate: From employee management to the daily operational responsibilities of running a restaurant (or multiple locations), keeping your head above water and driving your restaurant profits takes discipline and attention to these operational and marketing essentials.

Manage food costs effectively. Reduce mistakes and waste by putting a point of sale system to work for you. By taking advantage of inventory and portion control features, and the built-in audit controls for loss prevention, you can shave more points off your food cost and increase your restaurant profits. Read more

Turning Tables: Using Visual Indicators at the POS to Manage Dine-In Service Performance

Restaurant POS

Want to make more profit from your dine-in service with your point of sale system? Turn tables faster. Dine-in profit gains tend to be proportional to improvements in table turnover. When your speed of service improves the dining experience of your guests, everyone wins.

In this new article from the SpeedLine POS Restaurant Operations Series:

Find ways to identify service bottlenecks fast.

Learn how to set cues in the point of sale system to catch service problems early.

  • See how visual table alerts speed up and improve training.
  • Find out how visible service indicators can motivate your staff and build teamwork.
  • See what pizzeria owners are doing to improve dine-in profitability.

Turning Tables: Using your POS to manage Dine-In Performance

Download the free article today:

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Just Checking: Making Guest Receipts Pay

You hand a receipt to every guest. Those guest receipts can be more than a necessary evil: it’s an opportunity to engage, reinforce your brand, and stimulate further purchases, many times every day. An easy place to start is by branding the receipt with your logo. Look at the options your point of sale system offers for appending customer receipts with survey questions (or a link to an online survey) or a coupon offer. Some POS systems will allow you to target messages to specific customers: print loyalty point balances and reward coupons for VIP club members, bounce-back offers for first-time visitors, or surveys on random receipts. Read more

7 Cost Saving Tips from SpeedLine Support

The techs who support your POS system have a unique view of your business—because each of them talks with hundreds of other restaurant operators on the phones every week. So I decided to find out first-hand what they would offer as cost saving advice to SpeedLine users. Read more