From January, 2014

The 5 Worst Customer Service Mistakes and How You Can Fix Them

Keeping customers happy is the easiest way to increase profits. Attracting new customers is significantly harder (and more expensive) than increasing sales from loyal guests. But the kind of customer service that drives repeat business doesn’t come naturally to all your employees.

To stay on top of service in the restaurant, keep your eyes open to these too-common employee mistakes: Read more

In the Target Aftermath: 3 Critical PCI Data Security Reminders for Restaurant Owners

Image courtesy of Pixomar_FreeDigitalPhotos.net_employee theftWith the holiday season breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus taking over the news, data security and PCI compliance are getting tons of airtime. But the problem goes beyond retail; in fact, historically, the most frequent victims of data theft have been restaurants and their guests.

The PCI Data Security Standard mandates security controls in restaurants—including your point of sale system and network—to protect cardholder data.

As a restaurant operator, you bear most of the risk, responsibility, and costs associated with a data breach in your restaurants. Following a breach, owners face hefty fines, privacy notifications, ongoing audits, and mandatory reporting.

To protect your customers’ data, and safeguard your business: Read more

2013 Roundup: The Best of On Point

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been blogging at On Point for almost three years, and each time we do a yearly wrap-up post we struggle to choose our favorite posts. It’s been a year filled with restaurant technology news and trends, and we’ve shared with you the most relevant and educational information.

We hope you will enjoy this recap of some of the year’s most popular posts: Read more