From November, 2014

From the Archives: Portioning for Healthier Menu Options

120T22J4Smart operators know that healthy eating is driving restaurant selection today. And with new nutrition labelling requirements coming soon, more consumers are actively looking for healthier menu options.

In another from the archives post, we look at portioning and how restaurant operators can use their POS to ride the health eating trend profitably, by promoting new, healthy menu items and controlling usage and food cost. Read more

Behind the Bar in Restaurant Point of Sale: Controlling Cash and Increasing Customer Spending

Bartender_mage courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.netBar service can increase profits and attract more customers to your restaurant. But for real success behind the bar, your point of sale system must be able to keep pace with fast moving sales, while keeping cash secure and increasing customer spending. Today’s post focuses on POS tools that help with the bar side of your business. Read more

Hard work and a Father’s Advice: Uncle Rico’s Pizza in Niskayuna NY

Errico_Magnoli_thumbErrico Magnoli has been around the restaurant industry for a long time.  As a young boy, he would work at a relative’s restaurant on summer breaks, and at the tender age of 12, he learned to make his first pizza.

His late father, very much aware of the hard work Rico (as his family and friends call him) was doing for someone else, encouraged him to open his own place, and in 2014 Rico made that wish come true when he opened the doors to Uncle Rico’s Pizza.

Read more

Restaurant Management: 7 ways to Increase Lunch Sales

iStock_000039370696MediumLooking for new ways to increase traffic in your restaurant during a slow lunch?  From specials and promotions to social media marketing, there are key areas you can focus on that can help, without breaking the bank. Read on for 7 ways to increase business at lunch.

The weekday daypart from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. provides an opportunity to attract business lunches, workers on lunch break, and lunchtime catering business. If you aren’t doing anything to encourage this type of business, you’re missing out on a significant profit opportunity. Try implementing any or all of these tactics to draw business diners. Read more

POS Tips to Increase Check Size and Order Frequency

restaurantbillIn the last few years, every restaurant has had to come to terms with tight pocket books and rising operational costs. Staying on top of every penny is a priority. Today’s post takes a look at ways you can use the POS system to drive ticket size and profits.

Script upselling.  Do your staff naturally take advantage of opportunities to upsell? Depends on who takes the order, right?

Not always. Restaurant operators who script upselling prompts into the order-taking process at the point of sale see a sizable increase in average check size. Read more

From the Archives: Enterprise POS Drives Restaurant Profitability

BlogHeaderImageIt’s been a while since we looked back at our most popular posts. Today, we revisit the top On Point enterprise management post.

One key advantage large pizza and delivery chains have over smaller concepts is in-house IT expertise. Enterprise data warehousing, central administration, and analytics has been important in helping these larger companies scale their business operations and manage rapid growth. Read more

The Lure of the New: Why One Restaurant Operator Switched POS Vendors—and then Switched Back to SpeedLine

POS-expansionEveryone is attracted to new.

At SpeedLine, we are blessed with loyal customers—restaurant operators who have used our software and services for a decade or more. But they are constantly bombarded with marketing messages from competing point of sale companies.

Over time, the tried and true can start to look tired next to the shiny, new promises from other vendors. So they start to question: “What am I missing?” And eventually, some of them give in to the lure of the new and make a switch. Read more