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Customer Messaging: Make Your Receipts Work Double-Time

Delivery and online ordering build your customer database every day. Are you taking advantage of this point of sale data for marketing?

Today, we look at ways to enhance customer service by sending personalized messages through the POS system.

Start with the simplest form of communication: the receipt. Messages on receipts don’t require you to collect emails, and are usually “set and forget,” so you just enter the settings once, and then the messages (usually bounceback or loyalty messages, or surveys) print automatically on receipts.


With SpeedLine POS, you can also set a prompt on screen to remind the cashier to point out the offer to the customer.

Check your POS system for settings that allow you to target messages and offers to a specific audience, such as:

  • bounce-back offers for first-time visitors or lapsed customers who haven’t ordered for a while;
  • reward offers for frequent customers; or
  • something special for a customer who has a birthday that day.

Your POS software may also give you the option of printing a general message on a certain percentage of the receipts. You can use this to survey customers randomly, or to direct customers to your online ordering site or Facebook page. Surveys give you valuable feedback—and a Harvard Business Review study showed that the act of offering a survey increases customer satisfaction—even if the customer does not respond.

Have you explored the communication and marketing potential of your POS? How are you using POS customer messaging to build a closer relationship with your customers and drive traffic to your restaurant.

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Serving Up Convenience and Savings with Digital Restaurant Receipts

Email Ticket Receipts in TerminalMost of your customers have smart phones in their pockets. You can take advantage of that to provide more convenient service at lower cost.

Emailing a receipt from the point of sale reduces paper use and related costs—and business professionals especially love the option.

Faded and misplaced receipts can cause frustration for your customers, especially at tax time. Email a receipt “reprint” any time to a customer who needs a copy for an expense report or tax return. If you serve a business crowd, this can save a lot of time and frustration.

And for your customers who track expenses at home, the option to save and search receipts in their inbox makes life easier.

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Online Ordering: Are You Missing Out On Your Share of the Pizza Pie?

Online orderingThe ability to order pizza online has become an attractive option for many customers.  According to a new benchmarking study, fewer than half of independent pizza and delivery restaurants are realizing the benefits of online and mobile ordering.  Of the restaurants surveyed, only 44% are taking orders online, with web and mobile orders making up less than 8% of total sales. This slow adoption of online and web ordering is causing restaurants to miss out on revenue in the short term, and take a hit in customer retention over time as savvy customers find new local pizza and delivery options online.

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From the Archives: Catering? Must-Have Restaurant Point of Sale Features

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Group Ordering

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