From July, 2015

Restaurant Marketing: Watch Your Sales Sizzle With Heat Maps

Heat mapsDid you know you can increase your sales using your existing customer database?  There are many benefits in developing a marketing campaign using your current client information that can be cost effective, target specific audiences, and send tailored marketing messages.

SpeedLine POS can provide you with a visual insight into customer purchase trends and history using color-coded customer data heat maps that represent your regions and zones which can help you to achieve these goals and drive sales in your restaurant. Read more

Restaurant Operations: Smooth Sailing with Seamless Support

Tech supportHas your restaurant operation ever come to a grinding halt due to a technology failure?  If you answered yes, then you have experienced how this impacts your speed of service and customer service. And you likely also understand how important technical support can be to the day to day operation of your restaurant.

When you choose a POS system and technical support provider for your restaurant, consider these standards: Read more

Restaurant Management: 4 Tips to Stay Fresh In the Pizza Industry

Tips to stay fresh in the restaurant industryDid you know the pizza industry generates more than $30 billion dollars per year in the United States? How about the fact that Americans, in total, eat 350 slices of pizza every second? To serve this this demand, there are more than 72,000 pizzerias in the country, with four leading chains controlling 30% of the total market share. With the biggest players in the industry continuing to outpace the rest of the market, what are you doing to distinguish your business?   Here are 4 tips for keeping your brand fresh: Read more

Restaurant Management: Tap New Sales Potential With Your Local Business Community

One often underused capability of your point of sale system could allow you to increase sales, build stronger relationships with local businesses and organizations, and give back to your community.

You can tap new potential for big-ticket sales to local businesses, schools, sports teams, and community organizations by extending them credit. You do this in the point of sale system by setting up house accounts for select customers. Read more

Restaurant Management: Is Your Delivery On Time?

Ask yourself, what sets your restaurant concept apart from the competition? In more than 80 percent of pizzerias—and increasingly in many QSR and casual dining operations—delivery service drives sales. But the most successful delivery operators recognize that the key factor driving repeat orders is on time delivery. Read more

Restaurant Marketing: Are You Optimizing Your Customer Database?

Database marketing can be an effective way to boost sales for your restaurant. In fact, database marketing to your existing customers is the most cost-effective tool in your SpeedLine POS marketing toolbox.

San Francisco pizzeria Mozzarella Di Bufala was featured in a case study highlighting a significant increase in the return of lapsed customers by sending regular promotions based on the customer information in their their SpeedLine POS system. “Sometimes, we get as high as 30% or 40% back. It’s incredible,” says Mozzarella Di Bufala office manager Ilana Oliveira Teles.

Busines men at suit and tie

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Customer Messaging: Delivery Confirmation Emails

Are you enhancing customer service by sending personalized messages through your POS? In a previous post, we covered how you can do this by printing customer messages on receipts. In this post, we feature a newer customer communication tool.

A delivery confirmation email lets your customers know their order is on the way, and when to expect it.

delivery_confirmation_email JULY 9

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Stay Ahead of the Game with Prep Planning

ceasarAre you looking for ways to continually improve operations in your restaurant?  Planning tools in your POS use estimated sales data, plus any adjustments you make for upcoming events, to plan for the future.

With the increase in temperature during the summer, prep planning has become an important function to decrease the possibility of food waste—and ultimately, loss of profit. Prep planning tools help you systemize food preparation so that even your newest staff can prepare efficiently for the day.

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School’s Out: Summer Employees Are In!

ArickDid you know that you could set employee restrictions in your SpeedLine POS software to help manage your staff? In light of student employment during the summer holidays, now is a good time to investigate tools in your POS software that allow you to set employee restrictions. Employee restriction settings let you you manage minor employees, ensuring that you don’t inadvertently violate local labor codes, which may mandate maximum shift length, or minimum ages for serving alcohol and driving.

Employee restrictions can also be applied to all employees. SpeedLine, for instance, can alert managers with an override prompt when any employee is nearing or exceeding a restriction like maximum hours of work before overtime.

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