From August, 2015

Restaurant Management: Is Franchising Right for Your Business?

guy_suit_thinking_resizedConsidering franchising? Before you pursue the opportunity, there is a great deal of research required to understand the markets you are targeting, franchising costs, and legal requirements, to name a few. Before you make the decision to grow your brand through franchising, carefully weigh the benefits and risks: Read more

Restaurant Marketing: 3 D’s for an Effective Coupon Strategy

Aug 24 PIC CcouponsHave you ever tried a new restaurant because you had a coupon?

Everyone likes to save money—and 92% of consumers use coupons, creating $8 billion in revenue in the United States alone. Some restaurant operators shun them entirely, worried they may cheapen their brand and attract bargain-oriented customers. And some use them unwisely—giving away too much profit.

But employed strategically, coupons may be one way to create awareness and drive sales for your restaurant. Read more

Restaurant Operations: Survival Tips for the New Restaurant

Survival Tips for the New RestaurantA love for cooking and good food is great, but it isn’t enough to keep a new restaurant afloat. Did you know that about 60% of independent restaurants fail in their first year? So how do you become part of the 40% that make it?

Here are 4 critical factors to consider before opening a new independent restaurant or franchise: Read more

Employee Management: Communicate with Confidence with In-Store Messaging

Aug 20 Blog photo tin_cansScheduling changes and staff reassignments can cause communication gaps in a restaurant. Getting the right information to staff on different shifts, or to staff in a particular department or job, can sometimes be hit or miss. The internal messaging tools in your point of sale system can relieve these problems.

In the SpeedLine POS, for instance, managers have the option to send messages to all staff, to staff in certain departments or jobs, or to individual employees.  For example, if you had to remind a driver to bring in proof of insurance renewal, you could send the individual a direct message. Read more

Restaurant Marketing: New Opportunities with Delivery Confirmation Emails

New Opportunities with Delivery Confirmation EmailsInstant, personalized communication is quickly becoming a customer expectation. If you deliver, chances are you could increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and spend less time on customer call-backs, by adding delivery confirmation emails.

A delivery confirmation email from the POS system is an automatic notification to customers at the time of dispatch that their order is on the way, and more important, when they can expect it. Read more

Restaurant Operations: 5 Benefits of Having a Kitchen Display in Your Restaurant

Aug 13 blog photo ePic-ProductsLike the conductor to an orchestra, a kitchen display can help manage your food prep and streamline operations in your kitchen.

How it Works

A typical kitchen display setup includes one or more LCD displays, a digital controller and bump bar, and software to control it all (such as SpeedLine partner, ConnectSmart Kitchens from QSR Automations). Once an order is entered in the POS terminal, menu items to make for each ticket are routed automatically to the kitchen display screens at the specified prep stations or make line, in priority sequence. Once an item is completed, a bump clears it from the screen. Kitchen automation software also sets up you to customize the display attributes of every item and order. Highlight an item and order details with user-defined colors, fonts, and font formatting. Read more

Restaurant Operations: Reduce Waste with Inventory Management

aug10 blog picDoes your staff keep track when food is burned or spilled? Or is it just wiped it off the counter and thrown into the garbage without a second thought? Making efforts to understand where your waste is coming from and implementing strategies to limit waste can have a positive impact on your restaurant’s profits.

Implementing these 3 steps can help limit waste production in your restaurant:

  •         Enlist management and employee support.
  •         Understand and keep records of waste.
  •         Evaluate your success and make adjustments as needed.

Read more

Restaurant Operations: Planning a Successful POS Rollout

SpeedLine_XTUpgrading a point of sale system across multiple locations introduces new complexity. One common stumbling block for new rollouts is the potential for disruptions of service. A proven migration plan can help bridge the gap during the transition.

When Papa Gino’s decided to replace the proprietary UNIX-based POS software the company had been developing for 20 years across all 273 Papa Gino’s Pizzeria and D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches restaurant locations, IT Director Debbie Kulka’s #1 challenge was business continuity:

“Our first goal was to upgrade our technology without disrupting operations or management functions,” Kulka says. “Throughout the entire rollout, even while we were running the existing POS system in some locations and SpeedLine POS in others,” Kulka adds, “we needed all our reporting and business analytics to carry on seamlessly.” Read more

Restaurant Management: Be Proactive in Reducing Labor Costs

Aug 3 blog photo - kitchen-staffDid you know that both under and overstaffing can be detrimental to your restaurant operations?  When your restaurant is understaffed, labor levels are not meeting the demands of your busy restaurant, and your customers are probably not receiving the best standard of service. On the other hand, when your restaurant is over staffed, productivity goes down, and your labor costs skyrocket.

Following closely behind food and beverage costs, labor is typically the second highest cost in operating a restaurant. Although quick-service and fast casual restaurants often realize lower labor costs, according to a study by the National Restaurant Association, a typical full-service restaurant spends about one third of its sales revenue on labor, including front- and back-of house-positions. Read more