From September, 2015

Pump Up Your Restaurant POS: 3 Add-Ons for Sales and Savings

POS DigitalPersona_Finger_Sensor_thumbSometimes a small change can add up to significant improvements in profit and efficiency. You can pump up the sales impact or cost savings potential of your POS system with these great add-ons. Read more

Technology Tools for a Clean and Productive Kitchen

robot cleanerIs untidiness or lack of organization adding stress or slowing production in your kitchen?

Kitchen cleanliness can affect daily operations in the kitchen. Not only will clutter, contamination, spoilage, and excessive inventory cause operational inefficiencies, but the overall reputation and brand of your restaurant stands to be compromised due to failing grades in restaurant maintenance. Read more

Restaurant Management: Are POS Pain Points Affecting Operations?

Front_On_Posi_XTDifficult to navigate and painfully slow—does that sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. Intended to drive sales and operational efficiency, the wrong POS choice can hinder a business.

In fact, a study published by Vertical Systems Reseller (VSR) reports that the Top Pain Points of Existing POS Systems include: Read more

From the Archives: Is it Time to Upgrade your POS? Take the Quiz


If the payment industry’s October liability shift date has you considering hardware upgrades for EMV, this “From the Archives” post may be a timely reminder to look at what outdated hardware and software may be costing you.

Busy restaurant operators can make do with old technology for a long time—putting up with minor annoyances and slowdowns. But dealing with old POS hardware and software is more than just a time drain—your bottom line can be taking a hit too.

Take this quiz to see if it’s time to upgrade. Read more

Restaurant Operations: Which POS Reports Matter Most?

POS Reporting: Analyzing OperationsHow do you use your point of sale reports to monitor daily restaurant operations?

POS reports provide alerts to problems in the restaurant and new insight into opportunities to improve efficiency and increase sales. Most POS systems let you tap into a wide range of reports to find answers to specific questions. In the SpeedLine POS back office, for instance, the number of reports is approaching the triple digits—clearly more than any operator has time for.

So where do you start? Read more

Restaurant Management: Smart Scheduling for the School Year

Blog pic Sept 10How does Back to School affect operations in your restaurants?

Excitement is in the air this week as students get ready for the start of the new school year. Restaurant staff returning to school will need to have their hours adjusted for the school year, potentially leaving your restaurant understaffed. Read more

Restaurant Operations: 5 Tips to Successful Staff Contests

5 Tips to Successful Staff ContestsSales contests can boost sales and engage and motivate staff at the same time. Higher sales and lower turnover? Sign me up.

Contests are easy to implement and track using your POS system. Try designing contests that drive sales, encourage creativity in the kitchen, or reward staff for cutting costs. An employee contest can be a great way to increase sales of high margin items such as breadsticks, wings, desserts, and beverages. Read more

Customer of the Month: Papa Murphy’s Canada

Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with SpeedLine Customer of the Month, Ray and Roma Levasseur, owners of the South Surrey franchise of Papa Murphy’s Pizza Canada.

Ray shares why investing in a SpeedLine POS system has been “one of the best things we ever did for the business”:

Read more