From November, 2015

Why Both Consumers and Restaurants Love Gift Cards

gift sBoth merchants and consumers love gift cards. For merchants, gift cards provide additional profits. For consumers, they are an easy gift for hard-to-please family and friends. Particularly as the holiday season approaches, restaurants should get their gift card processing programs in gear to prepare for increased traffic to their stores.

Holiday shoppers spent more than $31 billion on gift cards in 2014. The average person spent about $170 on gift cards during the 2014 holiday season.(1) No matter what type of food they serve, restaurant owners and customers can benefit from a gift card program. Read more

The Technology Driving Quick Service

fast casualIs your quick service restaurant meeting the growing technology demands of your guests? Here are several ways you can use and enhance your point of sale system to maximize operational efficiency in a QSR or fast casual restaurant: Read more

Restaurant Operations: Strengthen Your Passwords for Restaurant Security

passwordWe encounter passwords in almost every area of our lives. Whether for online banking, education, social media, or at work, passwords control access to much of the information we need every day.

You understand the wealth of information available in your POS system, including important financial information. So you recognize how critical your password can be in securing your restaurant data. Ask yourself—is your password strong enough? Check these 4 tips for creating and managing passwords to enhance restaurant security: Read more

Pizza Expo 2016 – Will we see you there?

pizza tossIt’s coming up quickly! With just over 3 months until show time, we’ve started planning for International Pizza Expo 2016, March 8-10 at the Trade and Convention Center in Las Vegas. Read more

Restaurant Marketing: 5 Marketing Tips to Boost Sales

marketing imageLooking to make more dough?  New restaurant marketing strategies can recognize and reward existing customers—and attract new ones. Here are five marketing strategies to help build your customer base and increase sales in the restaurant: Read more

Online Ordering: The Ultimate Upsell?

Brygid-demoDEMOYou’ve probably seen them: figures and statements that talk about how online ordering can boost pizza ticket totals and averages. Maybe you’ve even experienced this phenom yourself? Some sources say that effective online ordering with suggestive selling can lead to ticket averages that are 15 to 27% higher than in-store averages.

Let’s take a look at what’s responsible for the increase in online ticket totals, and how you can be sure your site is designed to take advantage. Read more

Customer of the Month: Lori Mourlam and Godfather’s Pizza

Lori Mourlam1This week, we are featuring customer of the month, Lori Mourlam, Vice President of ROC Management. Formed in 1980 to provide support services for the Godfather’s Pizza Restaurants, ROC now owns 15 Godfather’s Pizza restaurants operating in Iowa and Minnesota. Perfecting pizza since 1973, Godfather’s Pizza continues to be recognized for living up to the statement: “There’s Nobody’s Pizza, Like Godfather’s Pizza.” Read more

SpeedLine POS Adds Mercury StoreCard: Gift, Rewards, and Mobile Payment

Mercury StoreCard

Scan a plastic card or QR code on a convenient mobile app

Today SpeedLine announced a new payment and guest rewards integration between the point of sale and Mercury StoreCard.

A private label gift, rewards, and mobile payment card in one, the StoreCard gives restaurant operators new tools to encourage repeat business—at little to no added cost. Guests can earn cash back rewards, give gifts, and pay for their meals with either a smartphone or plastic stored value card.

And the guest’s physical StoreCard is easily converted to a mobile wallet, so they can pay or redeem cashback rewards by scanning a code on their phone.

StoreCard encourages customer loyalty through rewards and a faster, more convenient checkout experience. And StoreCard transactions are free and unlimited for SpeedLine users if the restaurant already processes credit cards with Mercury.

Guests can easily load and reload funds onto the StoreCard: cardholders can reload a StoreCard automatically by simply linking it to a credit card.

For restaurants in the US, the SpeedLine integration with Mercury StoreCard also includes Card Studio, an ecommerce website that makes it easy for restaurant guests to purchase and send physical or e-gift cards to friends and family.

Restaurant operators who already use MercuryGift® can add StoreCard with no change to the POS.

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