From December, 2015

2015 In Review: Top 10 Restaurant Technology Posts

Do you follow On Point: The Restaurant Technology Blog? As we wrap the year, the On Point editorial team invites you to catch up on the top 10 posts of 2015. Read more

So… what was the ROI on your last promotional offer?

PaytronixAlready today, I’ve received 12 different email offers from various restaurants and retailers trying to entice me to spend money with them. I also received a stack of catalogs and physical coupons in the mail. Total coupon count for this very regular weekday? 17 (so far).

How many of those coupons will I use? Exactly zero.

As marketing becomes increasingly aggressive, and people are inundated with offers, relevance becomes exceedingly important. To keep your campaigns relevant, you need to be able to rely on your data to measure impact. Read more

3 Ways to Increase Restaurant Profitability in 2016

cashsalesimageA new year can mean a fresh start, and an opportunity to strengthen your pizzeria’s operations and increase restaurant profitability. Check out these 3 cost-saving, sales-boosting tips for the New Year: Read more

Customer of the Month: Travis Miller, Cottage Inn Pizza

TravisSince opening the first restaurant to serve pizza in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1948, Cottage Inn Pizza has grown to more than 55 Midwest locations. Famous for their pizza, Cottage Inn also serves a diverse menu of Italian and Greek dishes.

This week, we profile customer of the month Travis Miller. Miller started his Cottage Inn career as a driver in 2013, and was promoted to a management position in Corporate Accounting. The chain’s rapid growth required new systems and IT support, and facilitated a transition for Travis. Today, Travis is the Technical & Financial Operations Manager for Cottage Inn Management.

The first SpeedLine system was installed in Cottage Inn in 2008, and Cottage Inn named SpeedLine as the exclusive POS provider for corporate and new franchise locations in 2013. Read more

From the Archives: The Skinny on Over-Portioning: Saving $ on Food Costs

ArickPizza operators understand: cheese is a killer to your bottom line, and when portioning isn’t controlled on the make-line, waste adds up quickly. Controlling food costs with proper portion control takes longer than free-handing, but the cost savings are worth the time—and your POS system can streamline the process. Read on for more about controlling food costs with portion controls.

Restaurant margins tend to be slim, so cost control is critical.

By standardizing recipes, restaurant chains protect their margins and deliver a consistent product across multiple locations. For any pizzeria, portion control is a significant factor in controlling food cost and delivering a consistent product to your guests—and your profitability relies on guest satisfaction as much as operational cost control.

So what can you do to control over-portioning? Read more

Restaurant Operations: 4 C’s for Buffet Planning in the POS

BuffetBuffets attract families and hungry lunchtime crowds, and can set you up to cater large parties, business meetings, and family gatherings. But managing a buffet profitably takes good information. Read more

Boost Business with House Accounts

Real Estate Made Of One Hundred Dollar Bill

Do you extend credit to business, schools, or charities? Extending credit through house accounts can have many benefits, especially if your goal is to increase lunchtime business.

Increased Loyalty

Allowing qualified customers (business or organizations with good credit who visit often and spend more than average) to open house accounts extends trust. This can strengthen your bond with your best customers, with an additional advantage of providing a privilege that may not be available to them at other restaurants. Read more