From May, 2016

Employees Celebrate 10 Years of Tenure at SpeedLine

In today’s competitive job market, employee loyalty can be hard to find. At SpeedLine we are proud of our spectacular team, and value the loyalty of all our staff who have contributed to customer satisfaction and the overall success of the company. And SpeedLine has been very fortunate – this year two employees celebrate 10 years at SpeedLine. Read more

From the Archives: 3 Ways to Go Green while Saving Green

Save green“Going green” always seems to be in the news, but is it a viable option for your restaurant business? Many operators find it not only makes for good press and creates goodwill with environmentally-conscious customers, but it also saves them money. Read more

Beyond Staying Afloat: How a Pizza POS Can Grow Your Delivery Business

Growing any business can be a difficult task. However, with the right tools you can find a clearer path to take, and make it easier to figure out how to accomplish significant growth.  The most important tool for the growth of a pizza business is the point of sale system.

There is a caveat to this statement: having the right tool means having a point of sale system designed for your pizza business. The reality is that not all point of sale systems are the same.  Also many point of sale systems lack the capabilities you need to help your pizza business grow.

For more about the differences in restaurant and pizza point of sale systems, please check out the article here which explains those points in greater detail.

The right technology can make a huge difference in a pizza business. Let’s look at how you can make your point of sale system work for you. Read more

Pizza Delivery Drones: Future or Fantasy?

dronesYou’ve probably seen the videos: pizza delivery drones are out there now. But how many are actually delivering pizza for real, and how many are simply a brainchild of the company’s marketing department—a publicity stunt?

The truth is that, even for large, sophisticated companies like Amazon and Google, regular delivery by drone is likely some distance into the future.

Here are a few reasons why: Read more

4 Benefits of Leasing Your Next Point of Sale System

leaseAre you considering purchasing a new point of sale system?  Perhaps you are opening a new pizzeria, replacing an old system, or purchasing a new POS for an existing location that’s using pen and paper. What if you don’t have the cash on hand when you need it? You could take out a loan to purchase a new system—but have you considered leasing? Here are 4 benefits of leasing that might help you determine if this option is right for you. Read more

From the Archives: Protecting Your POS Data—Creating a Backup Strategy

business peopleBacking up the data in your restaurant POS is a critical part of regular system maintenance. Not backing up your data regularly can be costly to your business.

For SpeedLine POS users, the first step is a tool called Hot Backup. Working behind the scenes, Hot Backup protects against hardware failure and human error by backing up your data from one station to another automatically all day long.

But to make sure that your data is safe from disasters like fire, flood, or theft, you’ll also need an off-site backup. Read more

Customer Demand Drives Restaurant Technology Changes

Customer Demand Drives Restaurant Technology ChangesIn a recent Pizza Marketplace webinar, I shared a story from an RMagazine interview with STACKED CEO Paul Motenko. Motenko shared this observation, which applies across any restaurant technology decision:

The most important and lasting technology changes in the restaurant industry aren’t about technical possibilities. Real shifts are driven by what restaurant guests want. Customer demand.

So how is customer demand influencing your restaurant technology choices? Read more