From July, 2016

Performance Reports Paint a Picture of Pizzeria Operations and Profitability

Sales Summary BLOGDo you know what your slowest-selling pizzas are? Which server sold the most during the last shift? How long it took for your pizzas to get out-the-door last Friday night? Knowing what’s hot and what’s not can be a key to profitability for your pizzeria.

The sales reports in your point of sale system help eliminate the guesswork. Understand what you need for stock, prep, and labor for every shift.

Check out these five key restaurant performance reports to streamline operations and increase profit: Read more

How to Get Positive Restaurant Reviews: Tips for Pizza Operators

surveycustomersWhile it’s nice to hear from guests that your food and service are good, it’s even better if they tell a friend—or many friends. Here are some ways to gather and publicize good reviews and attract new customers to try your restaurant: Read more

From the Archives: Restaurant Operations: 3 Ways to Go Green while Saving Green

Green-money“Going green” always seems to be in the news, but is it a viable option for your restaurant business? Many operators find it not only makes for good press and creates goodwill with environmentally-conscious customers, but it also saves them money.

Today we look at a few simple strategies for green restaurant operations—and how they can pay off: Read more

The True Cost of Cheese: Tracking Stock on Hand

cheese3What is the first ingredient that comes to mind when you hear the word pizza? Dollars to doughnuts, or should I say pizza wheels, it’s cheese. Although mozzarella continues to be the mainstay for pizza, the pizza industry has seen a rise in new favorites. Here are a few to tease your taste buds: Read more

3 Ways to Cut Labor Costs Using the POS: Restaurant Management

TODAYS BLOG PHOTOOne of a restaurant’s biggest expenses is labor, and it’s no wonder why. Food preparation, cleaning, cooking, order entry, and serving—so many regular tasks in a restaurant need staff attention to keep you operational. But over scheduling can lead to idle staff and increased costs. Here are just a few ways to use your point of sale system to ensure you have the right number of staff on during a shift.

To keep your restaurant labor costs in check: Read more

Customer Service Done Right in Your Quick Service Restaurant

customerservice photoDo you know what sets your restaurant apart from the rest? With the multitude of choices customers have in what they eat and where they eat it, how can you be sure you are leaving a lasting impression with your guests?

Check out these tips for providing top notch customer service in an increasingly competitive restaurant market:

Create a Connection—Smile, and the world smiles back. A smiling employee greeting your customers creates a welcoming, relaxed feeling. Coach staff to be aware that gestures such as crossing their arms, playing with their hair, face or clothes, or tapping their fingers can be off-putting. A dazed, bored expression is even worse. Instead, face the customer, and listen—offer suggestions when requested, but listen to what the customer is saying to make sure you get the order right. Read more