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5 Reasons Your Pizzeria Needs a Mobile App

5 Reasons Your Pizzeria Needs a Mobile AppBased on statistics released in 2016, more than 80% of all internet users own a smartphone. These people are your current and potential customers, and you need to meet them where they are—on their smartphones.

Smartphone adoption rates are even higher for people between the ages of 18 and 49—more than 90%. Another study also revealed that this group spends 89% of their screen time using mobile apps, but only 11% on mobile browsers. The case for building a mobile app for any business is stronger now than ever before.

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Restaurant Marketing: Facebook Tips from Smart Pizza Marketing

FacebookWe at Smart Pizza Marketing, have spent thousands, and have been able to use the data obtained to really help others understand what is currently working. In this post, I am going to share the three specific things that are really working well right now on this incredible social network. Read more

Restaurant Marketing: Write Menu Copy That Sells

menu copyHow much thought do you put into writing menu copy? Do you have a distinct approach to the layout and menu descriptions? Or do you wing it, listing the ingredients after the name of each selection?

A great menu conveys the personality of your brand, and appeals to the imaginations of your guests. Hit the right note, and you’ll reap the rewards in increased sales. Read more

Paytronix Guest Post: With Our Powers Combined… We Are Gift Card Integrated!

In the latest SpeedLine Point of Sale software release, we introduced a new gift card integration with long-time loyalty partner Paytronix. This week, we invited Paytronix’s own Tara Eriksen to tell you a little more about it.

Batman and Robin, Tyrion and Daenerys, Brady and Belichick… At Paytronix, we love a good superhero/sidekick pairing. “Better Together” is definitely an unofficial motto for our company.

So when we released our Paytronix and SpeedLine integration earlier this summer, it was a pretty special moment. New product capabilities always have us feeling jazzed—plus, there was cake!


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Turning the Tables: Capitalizing on Restaurant Aggregators

XT4015_terminal_main_menuThe argument is over! Right? Restaurant aggregators like Grubhub/Seamless and Eat24 are here to stay. Now we can focus on how to use these tools as revenue generating engines for your restaurant. It is common knowledge that the percentage of profit withheld by restaurant aggregators can make it difficult to find an upside, but trust me it’s there, you just have to look a little harder. Following these 3 steps will increase revenue from restaurant aggregators and eliminate the headaches that come with restaurant delivery logistics. Read more

Beyond Staying Afloat: How a Pizza POS Can Grow Your Delivery Business

Growing any business can be a difficult task. However, with the right tools you can find a clearer path to take, and make it easier to figure out how to accomplish significant growth.  The most important tool for the growth of a pizza business is the point of sale system.

There is a caveat to this statement: having the right tool means having a point of sale system designed for your pizza business. The reality is that not all point of sale systems are the same.  Also many point of sale systems lack the capabilities you need to help your pizza business grow.

For more about the differences in restaurant and pizza point of sale systems, please check out the article here which explains those points in greater detail.

The right technology can make a huge difference in a pizza business. Let’s look at how you can make your point of sale system work for you. Read more

Restaurant SEO: 8 Tips for Driving Online Traffic and Sales

seo-2Did you know that more than 80 percent of the people in your trade area use their computers or smart phones to look for local restaurants?

Today, we take a broad look at one of the keys to getting your web site and online ordering system noticed online. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of setting up the pages of your website so that they can be found, indexed and ranked by web search engines like Google and Yahoo, and in turn by people searching online for restaurants like yours. Read more

Bridging The Gap: Online Engagement Meets In-Store Experience with Touchscreen Solutions

coffee_shop_customer_facing_displayQuick service restaurants and fast casual dining establishments are exploring new options for touchscreen POS systems and self-service kiosks. As more companies invest time, money and energy in responsive websites, a gap has emerged: a connection between brick-and-mortar locations and the website experience. How can you extend your existing investments in website ordering tools and mobile apps to increase sales and enhance engagement in-store? Read more

How to Convert Online Visitors Into In-Store Customers

Business team eating pizza in office, selected from the local store's menu.

A restaurant is nothing without paying customers. No matter how delicious your dishes, or how attractive the menu that lists them, you won’t stay open unless you give strangers a reason to walk inside and place an order. Marketing is the best way to do that, and in the fast-paced, tech-savvy restaurant industry, digital marketing is mandatory. However, it’s important to make sure your online efforts actually translate into offline business.

The following tips and tricks are effective ways to harness the true potential of your restaurant’s online presence. Discuss them with your staff, integrate them into your marketing strategies, and see how many tables you can fill with a little extra online effort. Read more

So… what was the ROI on your last promotional offer?

PaytronixAlready today, I’ve received 12 different email offers from various restaurants and retailers trying to entice me to spend money with them. I also received a stack of catalogs and physical coupons in the mail. Total coupon count for this very regular weekday? 17 (so far).

How many of those coupons will I use? Exactly zero.

As marketing becomes increasingly aggressive, and people are inundated with offers, relevance becomes exceedingly important. To keep your campaigns relevant, you need to be able to rely on your data to measure impact. Read more