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Customer of the Month: Supremo’s Pizzeria

Supremo’s Pizzeria founders Don and Gayle Speicher set out with the goal of providing top notch customer satisfaction while making the best product possible—Where Taste Reigns SUPREME™.

The Speichers’ son, Steve, has been integral to the success of the family business. Steve’s passion for pizza started in college when he began driving for Supremo’s Pizza. Today, he keeps his parents’ goals in mind, managing the North Hills location as well as the company’s digital marketing materials and revisions to the point of sale menu and coupons.

We caught up with Steve to find out more about Supremo’s Pizzeria and the impact the SpeedLine point of sale system has had in many different areas of their business. Read more

Restaurant Marketing: Write Menu Copy That Sells

menu copyHow much thought do you put into writing menu copy? Do you have a distinct approach to the layout and menu descriptions? Or do you wing it, listing the ingredients after the name of each selection?

A great menu conveys the personality of your brand, and appeals to the imaginations of your guests. Hit the right note, and you’ll reap the rewards in increased sales. Read more

Customer Displays Improve QSR Sales and Service

DisplayHow often do order errors happen? Mistakes chew up time, waste stock, and burn good will with your customers. So how do you avoid entry errors and deliver the right order every time? Customer displays.

One step is to add a customer-facing display at the counter. The instant visual validation helps catch and correct mistakes as they happen. As an added bonus, these displays discourage theft and can increase add-on sales. Read more

Food Safety: 4 Ways a Restaurant POS Helps

pizza restaurant POS can help with buffet food safetyAs a restaurant owner, food safety and concern for the health of your customers is likely one of your top priorities, and with good reason. As this Pizza Today article points out, your customers are often your neighbors and friends, and in some cases a serious food safety incident could lead to restaurant closure. Read more

Customer Service Done Right in Your Quick Service Restaurant

customerservice photoDo you know what sets your restaurant apart from the rest? With the multitude of choices customers have in what they eat and where they eat it, how can you be sure you are leaving a lasting impression with your guests?

Check out these tips for providing top notch customer service in an increasingly competitive restaurant market:

Create a Connection—Smile, and the world smiles back. A smiling employee greeting your customers creates a welcoming, relaxed feeling. Coach staff to be aware that gestures such as crossing their arms, playing with their hair, face or clothes, or tapping their fingers can be off-putting. A dazed, bored expression is even worse. Instead, face the customer, and listen—offer suggestions when requested, but listen to what the customer is saying to make sure you get the order right. Read more

Restaurant Marketing: Retain Valuable Customers with a Loyalty Program

iStock_000014853789XXLargeHave you considered implementing a loyalty program in your restaurant?

Studies show that it costs substantially more to acquire a new customer than to keep existing customers coming back. And implementing the right loyalty program can help. According to Hubspot, “a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 25-100% increase in profit for your company.” And beyond sales, loyalty programs help pizza operators increase brand loyalty, and maximize the lifetime value of their customers. Read more

Customer of the Month: Spencer Groeneweg, Pizza Ranch, Sioux Center

Pizza Ranch LogoFounded in 1981 by Adrie Groeneweg in Hull, Iowa, Pizza Ranch is saddling up for the future, giving every guest a legendary experience at over 180 locations in 13 states across the mid-Western US.  Pizza Ranch is known by their customers for their “It’s Our Famous, Buffet Your Way” which boasts a wide variety of tasty options including: pizza, chicken, potatoes, salads, and delectable desserts.

Back at the Sioux Center Ranch, we had a chance to meet with the manager, Spencer Groeneweg, to learn what makes Pizza Ranch stand out. “A big thing that sets us apart is our culture, and how our vision and mission statements points to a bigger cause than Pizza Ranch.” says Groeneweg.  Integral to the communities they serve, Pizza Ranch’s Community Impact Fundraising Events make it easy for local schools and charities to raise money by having their members come in and help serve the guests, earning a percentage of the sales and/or donations from the evening. On a global scale, Pizza Ranch also makes an impact with their Coffee Partnership Program, assisting schools in Southern Ethiopia. Read more

How to Convert Online Visitors Into In-Store Customers

Business team eating pizza in office, selected from the local store's menu.

A restaurant is nothing without paying customers. No matter how delicious your dishes, or how attractive the menu that lists them, you won’t stay open unless you give strangers a reason to walk inside and place an order. Marketing is the best way to do that, and in the fast-paced, tech-savvy restaurant industry, digital marketing is mandatory. However, it’s important to make sure your online efforts actually translate into offline business.

The following tips and tricks are effective ways to harness the true potential of your restaurant’s online presence. Discuss them with your staff, integrate them into your marketing strategies, and see how many tables you can fill with a little extra online effort. Read more

Restaurant Operations: 4 C’s for Buffet Planning in the POS

BuffetBuffets attract families and hungry lunchtime crowds, and can set you up to cater large parties, business meetings, and family gatherings. But managing a buffet profitably takes good information. Read more

Why Both Consumers and Restaurants Love Gift Cards

gift sBoth merchants and consumers love gift cards. For merchants, gift cards provide additional profits. For consumers, they are an easy gift for hard-to-please family and friends. Particularly as the holiday season approaches, restaurants should get their gift card processing programs in gear to prepare for increased traffic to their stores.

Holiday shoppers spent more than $31 billion on gift cards in 2014. The average person spent about $170 on gift cards during the 2014 holiday season.(1) No matter what type of food they serve, restaurant owners and customers can benefit from a gift card program. Read more