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Continuing Care: Does Your POS Vendor Offer After-Sale Services?

SpeedLine restaurant POSToo often, we hear stories of POS vendors whose attention to service tails off shortly after the check is cut. This can leave restaurant owners scrambling to maintain their systems, and failing to get the most out of their technology investment.

If you’re shopping for a POS system or other restaurant technology, one of the important things to consider is what happens after the system is installed and paid for. Does the vendor offer ongoing support? Menu and setting management services? Online training materials? Aftermarket equipment options? Read more

Restaurant Operations: Why Some Chains Certify Staff to Train and Support the POS System

In the POS field: Milo Buckingham - Papa Murphy’s Canada

In the field: Milo Buckingham – Papa Murphy’s Canada

Restaurants typically rely on their point of sale vendor for installation and support services. But some chains take the extra step to help franchisees cut costs by certifying their own staff to handle POS installations, training, and in some cases technical support. Read more

POS Tech Support: the “Invisible” Factor in Your Purchase Decision

POS tech supportHow important is technical support for your restaurant point of sale system?

In a perfect world, your POS works round the clock, 24/7, without a hitch. But every restaurant operator knows that from time to time (Murphy’s Law would say at the most inconvenient time) you may need help with your POS system. You may need help to troubleshoot a hardware failure or add special pricing for a package deal. You may need answers to routine questions, or refresher training to help you  improve performance or streamline operations.

When a hard drive fails in the middle of your Friday night rush, how critical is it that you have a qualified support technician at your call? Read more