Pizza Factory: How the Right POS Made all the Difference

Pizza Factory: How the Right POS Made all the Difference

Dennis Sheil, an engineer in the construction industry, purchased a Pizza Factory franchise in 2003 with his wife, sister, and brother-in-law. All of them have careers outside of the restaurant. Because they can’t be in the restaurant every day, Dennis and his partners rely on their full-time manager to run their business. There was a POS system in the restaurant when Dennis took over, but its limitations soon became apparent. After extensive research, SpeedLine POS was their choice for the future.

In 2004, Dennis installed three SpeedLine POS stations in the restaurant: two for in-store orders and one fully dedicated to carry-out and delivery orders, which account for 40 percent of the store’s business. “I did a lot of research and looked at every pizza POS in the market,” Dennis recalls. “I went with SpeedLine because I found it was the most user friendly and, from talking to users, had the best technical support. I loved the fact that it was pizza-specific, so I’m working with a system that’s designed for my business, and with people who understand my needs.”

Although ease of use was the top priority in his selection of SpeedLine POS, the depth of management information available in the SpeedLine back office software has been vital to the success of his operation—especially with all four partners working off site.

“Our SpeedLine reports give us access to a lot of information,” Dennis says. “With the sales and menu mix reporting tools in SpeedLine, we can see what items are selling and how many we sold in any time frame we select. This information helps us decide what we need to promote.”

Dennis admits he doesn’t use his SpeedLine POS to its fullest potential yet, but has plans to start email marketing campaigns, and promoting his online ordering menu is at the top of the list. Dennis and his team have an online ordering menu on their Web site that is fully integrated with the SpeedLine POS.

“If you’re looking at buying a POS right now,” Dennis says, “I’d tell you to look closely at SpeedLine, and then look at everything else. Once you’ve seen it all, you’ll come back to SpeedLine.”

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